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Education is our Priority.

The Sharlot Hall Museum takes our educational mission seriously. We have developed grade-appropriate, curriculum-aligned activities to supplement your student’s learning both before and after your museum tour. Designed with the Social Studies and English Language Arts Standards in mind, these activities encourage students to think-critically about the history of the Prescott community, greater Central Arizona, and the state of Arizona.

We believe that the Sharlot Hall Museum is not just a treasure but a resource. As a resource, we have the materials and the knowledge to support and supplement your educational goals.

Pre-Visit Activities

Pre-visit activities include Traveling Trunks that bring historic resources right to your student’s hands. Set up with specific themes, trunks include a range of 2D and 3D objects that highlight historic local narratives. Our themes include:

  • 19th-Century Resident’s Lives – Anglo and Mexican Americans
  • 19th-Century Resident’s Lives – Domestic Sphere
  • 19th-Century Residents’ Lives – Native Peoples
  • Late 19th, Early 20th-Century Settlers
  • Scat of Arizona
  • Mining the Landscape
  • Animal Skins
  • Animal Bones
  • Tools and Food of Native Peoples
  • Pioneer Living
  • Native Flora of the Southwest

We also have classroom activities that utilize Primary Documents, such as diaries, historic photos and maps.

Post-Visit Activities

Following your tour, post-visit activities encourage your students to reflect on and use the knowledge they learned at the museum. These activities are also aligned with the Social Studies and English Language Arts Curriculum as they have your students think critically and problem solve using the primary and secondary resources of the museum.

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