Photographic Collections

This is a list of the Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center (Archives) photographic collections, known as our PC collections.  These collections are listed alphabetical the way the names appear on the collection’s labels. A majority of these collections are being reprocessed and will each have a finding guide to give better details in the future. If you are interested in looking at any of these collections, please contact the SHMRC Reference Desk at (928) 277-2003 or email us at

Adams Family Photographs, PC-73
Aitken Family Photographs, PC-22
Alvina Potter Photographs, PC-112
American Ranch & Lee Family Photo Collection, PC-67
Appraisal Consultant Aerial Photographs, PC-45
Arizona Office of Tourism Photographs, PC-60
Arizona Pioneers’ Home Records, PC-113
Bate Brothers Studio Photographs & Glass Plate Negatives, PC-1
Bates-Eckert Family Photographs, PC-33
Bigelow-Watson Family Photographs & Papers, PC-110
Birch & Herrnberger Family Photographs, PC-87
Block Family & Gary Block WWI Photographs, PC-43
Born Family Photographs, PC-124
Boy Scouts of America Records, PC-84
Bozarth Family Photographs & Negatives, PC-16
Brinkmeyer Family Photographs & Papers, PC-130
Bristow Family Photographs, PC-68
C. S. Fly Photographs & Publication, PC-17
Cammon Bender Photographs, PC-63
Camp Lincoln & Fort Swetnam Archaeological Records, PC-39
Cannon Family Photographs, PC-27
Catherine Cranor Scrapbook, PC-117
Charles Lummis Photographs, PC-21
Charles Robb Photographs & Papers, PC-77
Claudette Simpson News Journalist Photographs & Papers, PC-81
Clough-Hartzell Family Photos & Papers, PC-46
Connell-Cartmell Family Photographs & Papers, PC-28
Cordes & Champie Family Photographs & Papers, PC-56
Coughran & Christopherson Family Photographs, PC-125
Curry Family Photographs, PC-111
Davis Family Photographs, PC-102
Day-Travis Family Photographs & Papers, PC-47
Delvin Family Photographs, PC-72
Duke Family Photographs & Papers, PC-128
Dutton Photographs, PC-107
Edith Dial Photographs, PC-11
Edson-Lutley Family Glass Plate Negatives & Papers, PC-127
Effie Power Family Photographs, PC-55
Elizabeth Butcher Photographs, PC-44
Elvira & Charles Smith Family Photographs, PC-118
Estelle (Blair) Bjerg Photographs, PC-62
Fain Family Photographs, PC-120
Fitzgerald-Jackson Family Photographs, PC-34
Foster-Eubank Family Photographs, PC-70
Gibson, Jones, Shupp & Voller Family Photographs, PC-57
Glen C. Collins Photographs, PC-13
Granite Mountain Hotshots Digital Photographs & Newspaper Clippings, PC-9
Haisley & Paull Family Photographs, PC-122
Hardy Landscapes Photographs, PC-30
Harry “Doc” Hollar Photographs, PC-101
Harry Brisley Family Photographs & Scrapbook, PC-114
Harry Vroman Photographs, PC-106
Hazel Logan Photographs, PC-23
Heap Family Photographs, PC-88
Helene Plate Hopi & Navajo Tribe Photographs, PC-96 [RESTRICTIONS]
Henry Family Photographs, PC-123
Herndon & Russell Family Photographs, PC-80
Hewitt Family Photographs, PC-64
Hoedown & Whiffletree Square Dance Clubs Photo Albums & Papers, PC-15
Hood’s Professional International Stereographs, PC-105
Hoopes Family Photographs & Papers, PC-85
Hough Family Photographs, PC-79
Humphrey Landscape & Mining Photo Album, PC-90
J. Walter Jones Photograph Albums, PC-97
Jane Carter Photograph & Negatives, PC-2
Jay Dusard Photographs, PC-104
Jones & van Voohries Family Photographs, PC-95
Kaibab & Coconino National Forest Historic Photographs, PC-10
Ken Austin Archaeological Records, PC-86 [RESTRICTED]
Kuhne-Looney Family Photographs, PC-8
Larry Eslow Photograph & Negatives, PC-4
Louis Franyi Photographs, PC-99
Louis Price Photographs, PC-31
Ludwig Studio Photographs & Negatives, PC-51
Carter Lueders Photographs, PC-61
Mackin Family Photographs, PC-93
Malchow & Muhsfeldt Family Photographs, PC-109
Martin Underhill Photographs, PC-65
Matt Culley Photograph & Negatives, PC-3
McLelund Family Photographs, PC-26
Miller, Cook & Sanders Family Photographs, PC-75
Mitchell & Baer Photographs, PC-18
Mooney Historic Prescott Homes Photographs, PC-14
Moore Family Photo Album & Papers, PC-78
Moreno Family Photographs, PC-94
Mosher Family Photographs, PC-42
Norman Rhoades Garrett Photographs, PC-103
Nunn Family Photographs, PC-6
Oliver Family Photographs & Papers, PC-38
Oppenheimer Family & Mining Photographs, PC-89
Pacheco Landscape Photo Album, PC-66
PAMSETGAAF – Flinn & Ensminger Family Photographs & Papers, PC-71
Pat Henderson Photographs & Scrapbook, PC-119
Peach Family Photographs, PC-83
Pearl (Satathite) Ethridge Family Photographs, PC-58
Phi Sigma Alpha Photographs, PC-53
Pike & Lange Family Photographs & Papers, PC-36
Prescott Courier Negatives & Photographs, PC-5
Prescott National Forest Service Photographs & Negatives, PC-100
Prescott Sister Cities Association Records, PC-7
Reggins Family Photographs, PC-48
Ridgen & Hays Family Photographs, PC-81
Roberts & Hartin Family Photographs & Papers, PC-40
Rosenberger Family Photographs, PC-59
Rosenblatt Family Photographs, PC-74
Russ W. Rusing Photographs, PC-29
Ruth Irwin Photographs, PC-54
Sam Hill Business & Family Photographs, PC-115
Scott Family Photographs & Papers, PC-116
Seale Family Photographs & Scrapbook, PC-108
SHM Oral History Interviewee Photographs, PC-126
Shuck & Johnson Family Photographs, PC-41
Shull & Tyson Family Photographs, PC-98
Skeleton Cave Massacre Photographs, PC-129 [RESTRICTED]
Southwest Forest Products Photographs, PC-52
Theobald-Delk Family Photographs & Papers, PC-35
Timerhoff & Bristow Family Photographs & Papers, PC-49
Triangle HC Dude Ranch Photographs, PC-20
Trinity Presbyterian Church Photographs, PC-37
Tuzigoot National Monument Excavation Photographs, 1933-1935, PC-25
Van Tilborg Family Photographs, PC-24
Weber Family Photographs, PC-69
William C. Behrens Photo Album, PC-91
Wing & Payne Family Photographs, PC-121
Wingfield, Munds, Loy & Benedict Family Photographs, PC-92
Womack Family Photographs, PC-12
Woody Family Photographs, PC-76
Yavapai County & Prescott Chamber of Commerce Records, PC-32
Yavapai County Aerial Photographs, PC-19
Yavapai County People & Family Collection, PC-50