Baje Whitethorne Sr.

Diné Navajo

Watercolor Paintings

Baje Whitethorne Sr. is widely considered one of the prominent artists working in watercolors in the world. His art has been featured in galleries, art centers, and collections all over the world, including The Smithsonian, The Field Museum, Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara, and The Booth Museum of Western Art. He has contributed greatly to the development of young artists and communities. Perhaps the most importantly, his art has provided a window for all the world to see into the reservation and its beauty. His art has changed how people think of the southwestern landscape. 

Mr. Whitethorne Sr. is a prolific painter and has gratefully and humbly contributed many beautiful images of traditional native life to the artistic canon of our community, as well as nationally and internationally. His skill as a watercolor painter and his fantastic use of color is a wonder to behold. He is revered among contemporary native artists on the scene today.