Roy M. Walters Jr.



Roy is a Native American artist of the Dine’ (Navajo Tribe) of Arizona.  Roy comes from the Bitterwater clan, “Todich’ii’nii” (maternal side) and is born for “One Who Walk Around clan,” “Honaghaahnii” (paternal side).

Roy’s sculpting began from a spontaneous turn of events.  “One day we were driving through the mountains of Utah and happened to come across some alabaster. From that stone I carved my first piece, which turned out great!  I knew from that experience that sculpting was for me because it just came so naturally.  I felt I knew what the stone wanted to become.”

Since that fateful discovery, Roy has attended a marble craving workshop in Italy and learned from the masters the correct way of working stone.  Roy works with professional carving tools manufactured in Italy, and a wide array of power tools.

Roy has gained recognition and status among fellow Indian sculptors.  In addition, he has recently been recognized by several art magazines including Arizona Highways which selected him as one of the “New Generation of Indian Artists.”